Project Components
Our projects take many forms, including writing, teaching, consultation, events, and supervision of other professionals.

The Treatment Dedication Project


Kaethe Weingarten, alone and with co-authors, has written about aspects of witnessing for over a decade. The following articles and chapters are a sample of that work.


  • Keynote speeches and lectures
  • Workshop formats ranging in length from two hours to three days
  • Customized workshops
  • Five-day intensive trainings in witnessing practices, for adults only


  • Assistance with the design and conducting of research projects that utilize witnessing principles


  • Custom-designed consultation related to applications of the witnessing model
  • On-line consultation for international professionals engaged in applying the witnessing model
  • Liaison services to frontline workers, such as educators, health care professionals, police, members of the judiciary, clergy and journalist. See Restorative Justice Seminar held at the Boston Research Center in May, 2003 on the Wounded Witness: Police, Lawyers, Judges and Community
  • Curriculum development related to the witnessing model

Design and Implementation of Witnessing Events

  • Customized witnessing events for individuals, couples, and families
  • Customized witnessing events  for organizations and communities

Provision of Witnessing by a Therapist

  • Assistance with life-cycle transitions, including births, deaths, separation, divorce, leaving home and illness


  • Offered to professionals who wish to learn the witnessing model