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Submit an account to the archives

Definitions of Violence and Violation, Adapted from Common Shock

The Four Witness Positions

We believe that the stories, anecdotes, and moments that are archived here will provide support, encouragement, hope and inspiration to readers everywhere.
The Witnessing Archive accepts written accounts by email or mail. There are a few simple criteria:
  1. You may submit an account that is about your own experience or the experience of another, if you have that person’s written permission. (See permission form).
  2. The account must describe an experience of witnessing violence or violation. (See definitions of violence and violation). 
  3. It may be written about an experience of finding yourself in any of the four witness positions; a shift between any of the positions; or the consequences for yourself and others of any of the four positions. The account may record any quality of witness experience, for instance, times of unintentional witnessing, helpless witnessing, compassionate witnessing, or some other kind. The account may describe a moment of transformation, when a “small” act shifted a witnessing experience. Or you may write about an intention to witness. 
  4. Accounts may be short or long, from one paragraph up to a maximum of 30 pages.

You must transfer copyright in your witnessing account to Kaethe Weingarten, Ph.D., as the representative of the Witnessing Archive (See Copyright Transfer page and form). 

If you would like to contribute a story about yourself or someone you know to the Witnessing Archive, please email your contribution (see Contact Page). All contributions must include the copyright transfer form and permission form (if required), which can be found on this web site. 

If you are uncertain whether an account meets the criteria, please feel free to send it along and a staff member will read it and get back to you.